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Topic: Backend

  • Django Rest Framework Reset Password

    Django-rest-framework Backend Boilerplate Password

    What to do when user forgot the password? We need to have a reset password view. User enters there her email address and email with reset link is sent. The reset link contains special information like uid and token. When user clicks the reset link, the reset password confirm view is displayed. This view takes the uid and token from the link and a new password and send POST request to the Django server to set a new password. In this post, we will create the reset password functionality with Django Rest Framework and Djoser package.

  • Django Rest Framework Email Verification

    Django-rest-framework Backend Boilerplate Email

    Email verification is an important part of the SaaS application. We will contact the user by email in many cases: for a password reset, announcement of new features, or for sending the invoice. During registration, a user provides the email address. We need to check if the email belongs to the user, and that there are no typos/errors in it. This can be easily done by automatically sending the verification email with an activation link. Such a link contains the unique token assigned to the user. After opening the activation link in the web browser the request is sent to the web application (Django Rest Framework). The web server compares the token from the activation URL with the token stored in the database. If they are the same, the email address is verified.

  • CRUD in Django Rest Framework and React

    Django React Backend Frontend Django-rest-framework Boilerplate

    In this artilce, we will create a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) model in the Django Rest Framework and React. It will be for simple note taking. User will be able to add new note, read all her notes, update note (to upper or lower case), and delete selected note.

  • Token Based Authentication with Django Rest Framework and Djoser

    Django Django-rest-framework Token based authentication Djoser Backend Boilerplate

    In this article, we will add token-based authentication REST API with Django Rest Framework and Djoser. The Django Rest Framework is a package for faster building REST APIs with Django. The Djoser provides basic views to handle authentication actions such as create user, login, logout.

  • Starting SaaS with Django and React

    Django React Backend Frontend Boilerplate

    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a model of software delivery in which users pay a subscription to get access to centrally hosted software. Nowadays, you can easily build your own SaaS, but you need to have programming skills. There are a lot of open-source web frameworks that allow you to quickly create a web service. You can serve SaaS on rented hardware in the cloud. You can start your own SaaS at 10-50$ per month of total costs (but you need to have programming skills!).