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Discover our step-by-step tutorial how to build real SaaS products from scratch with React and Django

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What's going on?

We will build a real Software-as-a-Service product and make step-by-step tutorial which will show how the SaaS was created. We start with Uptime Monitor SaaS. It will monitor uptime status for servers, websites, API endpoints. It will allow users to publish uptime status dashboards and get email notifications when the website is down.

It is a new way of creating tutorials. You will build full product, deploy it to the cloud, and make publicly available.

Features that you will learn to implement

  • Frontend with React in Typescript
  • Backend with Django in Python
  • Users registration, email verification, login
  • Purchase monthly subsription
  • Data gathering with Celery (uptime monitoring)
  • Data visualization on private and public dashboards
  • Downtime prediction with Machine Learning
  • Email notifications
  • SaaS deployment to AWS
Tech stack

Technology stack

The tech stack that we are using consist of Typescript + React + Redux in the front-end. For backend we are using Python + Django + Django REST Framework + PostgreSQL + Celery. We deploy with docker on AWS.


Software-as-a-Service and Profits

  • You can earn money when you sleep with SaaS
  • Your SaaS can become unicorn (we wish you all the best!)
  • or your SaaS can be a source of passive income
  • or your SaaS can be a hobby project that you will be proud of!

Our projects (past & ongoing)

MLJAR: Software Engineering meets Data Science

Automated Machine Learning


Convert Jupyter Notebook to Web App


Deploy Machine Learning Models with Django

ML Web Service (code from above tutorial)


Django Channels + DRF + Celery simple tasks


Empower Dreamers

Strat building with React and Django and be a hero!

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