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React and Django tutorial

Learn how to build SaaS for server uptime monitoring. We are using React and Redux in Typescript for the frontend. The backend is created with Django (Django Rest Framework) in Python.

Building plan

  • Backend stump with user registration, email verification and login
  • Frontend for user actions
  • Backend for managing website monitors (Django Rest Framework)
  • Background monitoring tasks (Celery)
  • Backend for sending email notifications
  • Backend for using Machine Learning for predicting website downtime (before actual downtime)
  • Frontend for creating website monitors
  • Frontend for public and private dashboards
  • Backend code for creating paid monthly subscriptions
  • Deployment to the cloud

How does it work?

  • Please purchase access to the course (at pricing website)
  • After purchase please fill the form to get access to the private repository with code and instructions
  • You can use tutorial's code base as you want, except selling it as your own course. It is a great starting boilerplate for your new project.
  • Every piece of code will have explanation - instructions how it was created
  • You will get access to private community (via GitHub issues and discussions) and have 1 hour of dedicated support

Is the course ready?

  • Not yet! We are planning to have full course ready in October, 2022.
  • We offer 50% discount for early supporters! Please check the pricing website for details.
  • For now we are planning to build only one SaaS ( but we are open to suggestions 😊

Scrum board

Private Repository Preview

The preview of private repository with code and tutorial

repository preview

Progress so far

Public pages

There are created public pages available to all users. You can check the website at

switch public pages and app


Register a new user and send verification email.

register view


Login with email and password.

login view

Reset password

Send email with password reset link

reset password view

Public pages and app pages

There are created public pages available to all users. The app pages are available only for logged in users.

switch public pages and app

Application settings

repository preview

Purchase subscription

repository preview

About us

We are a couple living in Poland passionate about Software Engineering. We develop tools for Data Science. We love creating tutorials and deep step-by-step guides. Please check our tutorials and posts:

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