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Topic: Gdpr

  • GDPR Overview


    Equip your SaaS with legal bases so that the use of your website is safe for users and you. If you search for different sites, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service differ from each other. The same with the cookies. Each piece of information has varying meanings for the website, and it concludes crucial statements. There’s no unique example for all websites because of the specification, the idea of webites, purpose, kind and other features, collected data.

  • GDPR Meaning - The General Data Protection Regulation


    Earn users trust by respecting and securing their data. Since 2018 the European Union (EU) has imposed a new obligation on entrepreneurs to protect customers personal data. A duty for one another is a right, a tool to defend one’s rights. Each user should have the right to decide on providing information about himself, resign from using his data, delete his account. It’s a strong right that should be obeyed by everyone. Why? Because of substantial penalties, up to 20 mln euro! Be well prepared with Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and GDPR requirements.